Thursday, February 09, 2006

Fall Gallery

DIY - Pinecone Place Card: from Martha Stewart

Florets burst from place cards, made by gluing card stock over veneer paper; prop up the cards with a triangle of heavy paper glued underneath, perpendicular to the veneer.
Blossom How-ToFill a small bowl with scales. For the work surface, you'll need a cardboard box (at least 4 inches square) with a hinged lid. Snip 4 inches of floral wire; form a small hook on one end. From card stock, cut a disk a bit larger than the desired size of the bloom's center. Secure disk to box top by poking wire through both, letting hook rest in the center so the wire won't fall through. Using tacky glue, affix scales in a flower shape to disk; the hook will become covered with glue. For a fuller blossom, add another layer inside the first, using smaller scales, adding up to five layers for larger blooms. Use tacky glue to attach one or more cloves or tiny plant parts in the center; let dry, and remove bloom from box.

First Published: November 2005

Pictures of ideas that I believe to be better described as Fall items:

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