Thursday, February 09, 2006

Orange Gallery

Here are some wedding ideas in orange. These will work well for a Fall


Many thanks to a fellow forum user for allowing me to use some of her pictures here.
I think her florist did a great job and love her Ranunculus bouquet. I found
the choice of flowers were very different from what I have seen

Ranunculus bouquet sitting on top of a mirror.

Fall arrangement next to programs and champagne flutes.

Wedding cake and groom's cake between pedestals.

Close-up of an arrangement.

Chinese lanterns with red maple stems in vintage vases.

DIY Copper Candle Holders

The bride is extremely talented. She made these copper candle holders herself!



Liquid copper leaf - got
it at Michael's Crafts or you can get it at the link below:

Blue painter's tape

Glass cups or jars
Votive Candles or floating candles


1. Mask the glass - I used the blue painters tape - seemed the easiest to
work with. I used 2 widths - a thin width about a quarter of inch or half an
inch wide, and a thicker width a couple inches wide. I used the thin width
to mask off the top (the thin width is easier to keep the tape straight),
then I used the thicker width to cover up the rest of the glass. The masking
is really the hardest part of this project - but once you do several of
them, it starts going quickly.

2. Then I used sandpaper to sand the area I am painting. The liquid copper
leaf is very thin - and doesn't stick to the glass well. I found out that
sanding helps the first coat to stick much better. Get the glass nice and
scratched up.

3. Start painting thin coats of the liquid leaf - I used about 5 coats. The
first couple coats need to be really thin, then you can start applying it a
little thicker. It is usually dry enough in about an hour to work on the
next coat.

4. When all coats are finished, hold the glass up to a light - so you can
see if any light shines thru - if you missed any spots. Re-coat as

5. I let the copper dry completely for a few days, then I put a clear coat
finish on with this stuff:

You have to be careful with the spray - you don't want to spray the
inside of the glass. I turn the glass upside down, spray as evenly as I can
on the copper, and then let it dry rightside up. If you spray the clear coat
to thick - the copper will discolor in places, but this can also look kind
of cool.

***Tip: Drinking glasses at Walmart, Target, Kmart for 4/$1 - and used votives from Big lots - Purchase the cheapest glass pieces you can find. The drinking glasses will hold mini floating candles (you can find mini floating candles at Ikea).

Flowers by: Victoria Farr (website under

Dennis Lee, KND Photography:

Chinese lantern stems in brown architectural vase.

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