Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Name Change - Passport

Application for Passport by Mail: DS-82
Type or print legibly in black ink when completing all sections of this application.

If you are paying for Expedite Service:
Don’t forget to include the additional $60.00 fee.
Clearly mark ‘EXPEDITE ’ on the outside of the envelope so it may be identified and processed promptly.
Pay for 2-way overnight delivery.

There are 4 requirements for using this form. Please use the following checklist to see if you are eligible to apply with a DS-82:
  1. I can submit my most recent, undamaged passport AND
  2. I was at least 16 years old when my most recent passport was issued AND
  3. I was issued my most recent passport in the last 15 years AND
  4. I use the same name as on my most recent passport or since my passport was issued, OR I have had my named changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper original documentation to reflect my name-change.

If you answered NO to any of the 4 statements above… STOP! You cannot use Form DS-82! You must follow instructions on how apply in person .

If you are overseas and need to apply for or renew your U.S. passport, please follow the instructions under the U.S. passport section in Tips for Americans Residing Abroad.

If you qualify to renew your passport by mail, after printing the form (see below), please follow instructions on pages 1 and 2 and read carefully pages 3 and 4.

Complete, sign, and mail both pages of the application (printed on one-sided pages).

To prevent delays in processing your application, please reviewHelpful Hints for mailing your DS-82 to ensure you have correctly submitted your application, documents, and photos.

Note: Instruction Page 1 of the DS-82 gives phone numbers to call for inquiries.

If you have a question about the application process not answered by our website or want to know the status of a pending application, please call the The National Passport Information Center.

For a list of Regional Passport Agencies, including their addresses and automated appointment system telephone numbers, please click here

Fill out the DS-82 online for faster processing of your application.

Guidelines for downloading and printing documents

Download a DS-82 form.

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