Friday, February 17, 2006

DIY - Favors for guests

Here is a compilation of DIY (do-it-yourself) favors you could make for your guests. I will be updating this section as I find interesting items online:

Tuxedo Strawberries


You will need:

White and Light Cocoa Candy Melts® (I've seen these at Michael's crafts in the cake decorating supply aisle too.)

Parchment Triangles (Here's what they look like)


Dip whole strawberries in melted White Candy Melts®; let set. Dip first one side, then the other with Lt. Cocoa Candy Melts®; using a cut parchment triangle, add dot buttons, bow tie and lapels.

These would be perfect to keep on a tray up for grabs on a table for guests or you could package a couple in favor boxes.

A good place to find favor boxes would be at: and of course, Ebay. (I'm an Ebay junkie)

The Perfect Pear:

Give a favor that is edible.


Pears (may be substituted with other fruits)

Wrapping Tissue

Rubber Stamps with graphic of your choice


Gold embossed seals of your choice

Take a piece of wrapping tissue and stamp the tissue.

Wrap the tissue around the pear. Seal with a gold label/seal.

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