Monday, February 06, 2006

Welcome to my blog.

I will be dedicating this blog to ideas as I am planning my wedding for September. I hope this blog will help others in their wedding planning in the San Francisco Bay area. I will be posting pictures of various wedding ideas as I find them and hope to credit those pictures to the true owners of the photos however, most are ones that I find on forums and will not have that information. Please do contact me if you find a photo that you would like to be credited for or if you would like to make a request to remove it.

A few tips for the newly planning bride:

- Try to find your reception and ceremony venue a year before your planned wedding date. This will give you the upper edge to getting the date that you want.

- When working with a budget, sit down and prioritize what is the most important aspect of your wedding (of course, it's the marriage with your loved one first).

Do you want a fabulous honeymoon?

Set aside the funds you will need for the honeymoon and use the remainder for the ceremony and reception. Make the remaining funds your budget for your wedding ceremony and reception.

When working with a small budget, locate a public park that allows you to have a bbq or a restaurant with an area to have a ceremony such as the Cliff House with an outdoor terrace in San Francisco overlooking Ocean Beach.

- If something doesn't go as planned on your wedding day, remember the main reason that you are having the wedding. Don't get stressed, have one will remember what went wrong on your wedding day; they will only remember it if you completely lose sanity on your wedding day in front of your guests.

Congratulations on your new engagement and I wish you stress-free wedding planning.

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Dealio said...

Thanks for the site-
Are you getting married in Sept. '06?

We are shooting for Oct. 06 and just getting started- your blog seems very helpful so far.