Sunday, January 27, 2008

DIY - Live Kissing Ball or Pomander

Materials Required:

Green Sheet Moss

Potting soil mix

Slow release fertilizer

Green Ivy and Small Ferns

Florist pins

Victorians loved to decorate for special occasions with ivy and ferns. Their homes were large, cool and deem light , so ivy and ferns were perfect for them. A wedding was the perfect occasion to bring large bouquets of flowers, as well as, the kissing globe adoring their windows and doorways. The basic ivy and fern globe were decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Now a modern living adaptation can be instantly created with Hanging Floral Globes, these planters are created with live plants that can be redecorated for other romantic occasions.

The ivy and fern floral globes do well in those shaded areas that need an extra touch.

They look wonder hanging from porch beams, in the center archways and from tree branches..


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