Thursday, April 20, 2006

Harpers in the Bay Area

For our ceremony music, we were referred to a very nice woman named Natalie Cox. Natalie offers two different harps at different rates (Please note our location doesn't have stairs and prices may differ for your location):

Small Celtic Harp: $325.00 for 2 hours.
Large Orchestral Harp: $375.00 for 2 hours.

Based in El Cerrito, will travel.

Below are the few other rates I received from other harpers.

Esther Lee
Telephone: 925-548-4526
I was quoted: $350 for 2 hours.
Based in Walnut Creek, will travel.

Mary Angelina Mei
Telephone: 650-558-9956
I was quoted: $375 for 2 hours includes travel and music consultation
Based in Burlingame, will travel.

What is the difference between a celtic harp and a orchestral harp?

The celtic harp is smaller in scale (around 23 strings) than the orchestral harp (39 to 47 strings). The orchestral harp is a pedal harp and the celtic being a non-pedal harp. The celtic harp gives off a bell like tone while the pedal harp has a warm, rich, woody tone.

San Francisco Bay Area -
Michelle Sell, San Francisco Bay Area

Adria Jenny, San Francisco Bay Area

Karen Patterson, San Francisco Bay Area

Lynn Taffin, San Francisco Bay Area

Diana Rowan, San Francisco Bay Area

Mitch Landy, San Francisco Bay Area

East Bay -
Christwell Muhammad, Oakland

North Bay -
Krista Strader, North Bay (Vallejo)

Sally Fletcher, San Rafael

South Bay -
Stephanie (South Bay) and Heather (North Bay)

Pamela Scholz, South Bay (Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Jose)

Alice Yau, South Bay (San Jose)/San Francisco

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