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Wedding day makeup: Flawless and long-lasting

By Marla Caceres Tribune Media Services

Creating a makeup look for your wedding is challenging, because your makeup should withstand a day filled with more hugs, laughs, tears and photographs than any other in your life, but should also make you look your natural best.

"It's important to feel comfortable. The look should be enhancing your natural beauty, not looking like someone else," says Paula Dorf, founder of Paula Dorf Cosmetics and New York-based film, television and music makeup artist.

For wedding day makeup that looks beautiful, flawless and fresh all day long, follow these tips from Dorf and other makeup pros:Before applying your foundation, use a light moisturizer to prep your skin. Then, choose a foundation that's matte -- which provides the most velvety finish -- and that doesn't contain sunscreen. The main ingredient in sunscreen reacts to camera light and can make your face look ashy and pale in photographs.Use a brush to apply your foundation. Brushes provide the most even coverage, according to Tim Quinn, celebrity face designer for Armani Cosmetics."Applying foundation with a brush provides a much more flawless look. It leaves no seams," Quinn says.

"People try to put foundation on with their hands, but you can miss a spot. With a brush you control the coverage."Work a bronze tint into your foundation -- like Fluid Sheer by Armani Cosmetics ($46 at select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and at Armani boutiques in New York City and Las Vegas) -- to even out your skin tone if parts of your face, shoulders, back or arms are a bit more tan than others.

For blush, use a cream blush, like Cheek Hue by MAC Cosmetics ($17.50 at department stores, MAC stores and"Use [the cream blush] before powder. Blend it into the foundation -- it makes it seem like a glow from within," says Gordon Espinet, executive director of makeup artistry for MAC Cosmetics.

Use a base for your eyelids -- like Paula Dorf's Eye Primer ($22 at department stores) or Skin Retouch by Armani Cosmetics ($28) -- to provide a foundation for your eyes.When it comes to eye shadow, don't play with too many colors -- keep it simple and natural so that the focus is on you and not your makeup.Use waterproof mascara, but only as a last coat on top of regular mascara.

Waterproof mascara doesn't provide the voluminous effects that regular mascara does.Make your lipstick kiss-proof by working in layers.

First, apply a lip primer -- like Paula Dorf's Perfect Illusion ($20) or Armani Cosmetics Skin Retouch -- then apply lipstick. Hold a tissue over your lips and apply loose powder to lips over the tissue. Then apply lipstick again to lips, and finish with gloss. You can also line lips before applying lipstick with a color that's close to your natural lip color, like rose or mauve.

"The lipstick impacts the lips with color, and the gloss revitalizes it," Quinn says.Use loose powder on your face -- but only in select areas. You want to look soft and polished, not heavily powdered."Use sheer loose powder where you feel you have excess shine, don't use it all over," Espinet says. "Use it around the eye area and around the lips to help makeup set, down the T-zone, around the lips, and especially around the sides of the nostrils. That usually shows up as a shiny area in pictures.

"To keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, use MAC's Fix+ ($11.50), a vitamin-rich spray you use to set your makeup and refresh it throughout the day, preventing it from looking cakey, chalky or cracked."Fix+ works with foundation to make your skin look its best," Espinet says. "It's a humectant, so it pumps the cells up so they're at the best and looking fabulous."You can also try a makeup sealant -- like Benefit's She-Laq ($24 at department stores and Sephora stores).

"This magical makeup sealer with its four handy wands is a great way for you to enjoy a smudge-free wedding despite the tears," says Jean Ford, co-creator of Benefit cosmetics. "Use a thin amount over mascara and lips and mix with eyeliner for a smear-free zone."
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Line lips before applying lipstick, using a color that's close to your natural lip color, like rose or mauve.

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